President’s Message

Presidents Message,

June 2020

President’s Newsletter July 2020 Greetings Columbus Chapter Members,

As we enter the month of July, I find myself, and most that I know, in a perplexed state of mind from the countless irregularities that have affected everyone worldwide.

We see encouragement through multiple venues sharing the phrase “we are all in this together” however, it’s only as qualified as we all share hope, trust, care for one another with acts of kindness, and taking care of each other for the greater good of mankind.

Our founding fathers intended for us to live free with the freedoms from bondage and compromise. July is a celebrated month for our freedoms and to relish the values our great country has to offer. We must be guided at all times by compassion and understanding, demonstrate more active listening, empathy, self-awareness and decency. Our collective goodness must be drawn upon as a force of change and progress. Each of us has a responsibility to uphold these values. Join me in standing for equality and justice for all.

There’s no question that the pandemic has been devastating to the restaurant, hotel and conference center industry, crippling the livelihood of many. As you know our industry was the hardest hit with tens of thousands of closures and millions unemployed! All aspects of our hospitality industry are now in a recovery phase with a slow crawl back to some familiar rhythms of life we knew at the start of the year. We now are reinventing operations to what we will know as the “new normal”.

By now I imagine you have read that our in-person National Convention has been canceled and changed to a virtual platform (August 3-5). The theme is “Around the World in 80 Plates”. Legendary Chef Jacques Pepin will be the keynote speaker for this virtual convention. Click here to watch a brief 30-second message. Registration is open on the national website. Not only will you expand your knowledge, but you will also earn 24 continued education hours (CHE’s)

At this time, all current competitors and student teams listed for the 2020 lineup will automatically advance to compete next at year’s ACF National Convention in Orlando,

Florida. ACF will not have any 2020 National Winners for Chef of the Year, Pastry Chef of the Year, Student Chef of the Year, or National Student Team Champion.

Competitors that win during next year's competitions in Orlando will receive the title of the 2021 regional & national winners.

ACF has received a few requests from current competitors which have chosen not to move on to 2021. These open spots will be available on a first-come first-serve basis to fellow competitors when registration is opened this August – stay informed via the national website for the registration link. The deadline to register for the opportunity to compete will be November 1, 2020.

Over the past two months our national office has provided multiple opportunities to earn CHE’s through ACF United: Culinary Communications; A Webinar Series that featured Best Practices for Chefs in Food Writing, Marketing & Culinary Media Skills. Each of these webinar’s have been well received by our regional and national members. I hope you were able to participate as well.

Additionally, ACF National President Stafford De Cambra has conducted several virtual fireside chats sharing confidence and optimism during these trying times. Recently he started “stronger together” messages. Our country faces the worst rates of unemployment since the Great Depression. And civil unrest that reflects back to the 1960’s. We all face a confluence of events that has made this period a difficult time here in our great nation. Perhaps Chef DeCambra is able to share some incite through his messages.

Earlier this week ACF launched a new benefit for all current and new members called Chef's Table. It's an online community engagement designed to bring together our 14,000 members in new and exciting ways. I hope that your participation, can make Chef's Table the best possible place to engage and collaborate with your peers. If you have questions or suggestions for this new community, please reach out to Annie O’Brian directly at [email protected]. You can also send her a message through the Community by using the "Send Message" button on my profile.

Chapter member Mark Kelnhofer has moved the Restaurant Institute’s 4th annual food and beverage cost summit due to the Covid-19 guidelines. The new date is to be determined targeting April 2021 at the nationwide conference center. This event will provide 8 CHE’s. Please see the brochure on our chapter website for additional details late winter for advanced registration.

The honor society of the ACF is the American Academy of Chefs (AAC). These members represent the highest standards of professionalism in the organization, society and industry. The Academy’s primary mission is to promote the education of all culinarians by mentoring culinarians, awarding scholarships to students seeking a future in the culinary industry, and by providing grants to professional working chefs looking to further their career.

Our Columbus Chapter is proud to present our 2020 American Academy of Chefs new inductee: Chef Douglas R. Maneely, CEC, CCA. Sponsored by: Thomas P. Hunt, CEC, AAC and Jim Taylor, CEC, AAC

Join me in congratulating Chef Maneely for his years of service and dedication to our ACF.

Columbus chapter board member Virginia Bistriceanu has been volunteering during the Covid restrictions with a food rescuer, Rescuing Leftover Cuisine. Should you care to get involved and assist, please reach out to regional director Terrance Brooks at 217- 776-7490 or by e-mail at [email protected]

The Columbus RLC Website chapter is a part of a national body with a presence in more than 15 cities throughout the county. As an agency designed to fill the transportation gap to take excess food to places where people gather in search of food and supplies.

As you know our annual “Clippers day at the ballpark” has been canceled and it is extremely likely that our annual clambake and lobster fest at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium will be canceled for 2020 as well. If there are any changes, I will include those changes in the next newsletter.

We are planning to host our annual golf outing scheduled for October 8th at the Golf Club of Dublin. More details will be shared via our website and future newsletters.

I strongly believe we will forgo the annual ACF sanctioned competition generally hosted at CSCC in late autumn. As a city and nation, we still have a significant amount of progress to make with Covid. I trust everyone understands the situation.

Looking forward to everyone interested in this competition getting involved in 2021.

We will be hosting several virtual general meetings this year. One with Farmer Lee Jones from the Chefs Garden and Culinary Vegetable Institute. Likely in August.

On September 21st we are planning for a virtual pastry demo from renown Chef William Racin CEPC from the Duquesne Club, in Pittsburg. He will showcase our 6:30 pm general meeting for September. Please save the date. More details to follow.

The Columbus Chapter will have a call for nominations for the 2021-2024 executive board of directors. These candidates will be announced on or before September. Our elections will take place through our star chapter on-line platform. I am asking you to participate in this election to assure our chapter’s leadership in the years ahead provide us continued success.

Please, be kind to each other, stay well and stay safe. Sincere Regards

David Wolf CEC, AAC