President’s Message

Presidents Message,

April 2020

Greetings Chapter Members,

Over the past month we have experienced some unimaginable impact with normalcies in our day-to-day lives.  Join me with a moment to recognize some incredible resilience recognized over this short period that qualifies my beliefs that we live in the greatest nation on the planet.

  • Courageous employees are stocking the shelves all night while storeowners are allowing those most at risk to shop first. Truck drivers are taking chances their health to ensure we supply stores around our country.
  • Cruise ships are turning into floating Naval Hospitals with an international staff.
  • Our local Battelle is grinding away night and day to extend the life of personal protective equipment. Several auto manufactures are making ventilators instead of cars.
  • Medical students are now providing childcare and other services.  
  • Several restaurants and schools are now feeding the needy without any compensation or publicity for their good deed. Several churches are holding on-line services and taking care of their communities as they have always promised they would.
  • Athletes and some of the wealthiest Americans are paying for advanced research and production of the needed supplies.
  • Construction companies are pulling supplies from their warehouses and giving it to our first responders and nurses.
  • Vodka distilleries are making hand sanitizer to reduce spreading the virus.
  • We thought we couldn’t live without going to a major event, a concert, to the beach, restaurants or a bar. Challenging it is, we suppress and look forward to the rebound.
  • Many of us support our local businesses for survival by purchasing gift cards and purchasing takeout meals for ourselves or to lending a hand to our neighbors.
  • We rediscovered that our children relish our attention and a slower fast pace life.
  • Instead of this virus tearing us apart, we’ve come together to support each other. More American flags are now being displayed on porches across our great nation.
  • No other country in the world can say that they have done what we have accomplished over the past month.
  • We have adapted and became resilient.


Our hospitality industry has taken a sever hit and I feel certain that we will show the determination and perseverance needed to see the other side.

Together we can, and will overcome this and thrive once again. 

Our boards of directors wish you and your family’s good health, and a sense of optimism.

Have a memorable Passover or Easter.  Stay at peace and with belief in our future.

David Wolf CEC, AAC