Chef of the Year

The Chef of the Year Award was established to pay tribute to that member whose culinary expertise and exemplary dedication have enhanced the image of the Chef and this professional association, a person who commands the respect of this organization because of their character and performance.

The folllowing Chefs have been honored with receiving the Chef of the Year Award:

2019       L. Fernando Mojica CEC

2018       Doug Maneelly CEC, CCA

2017       Jason Knapp CEC, CCA

2016       Charles Drew Patterson CEC, CCA

2015       Matt Smith CEC

2014       Joel O’Donnell CEC

2013       Sean Blair CSC

2012       Joshua Wickham CEC, CEPC, WCC

2011       Tom Hunt CEC

2010       Barry Young CEC

2009       Donald Hauck CEC, AAC

2008       C. David Wolf CEC

2007       Brian Hinshaw CEC

2006       No Award Given

2005       Candace Bauer CEC

2004       Clarence Steadman CCE

2003       Erika Decker CC

2002       James Taylor CEC, AAC

2001       Sharon Pallas CEPC, AAC

2000       Thomas Landusky CEC

1999       James Decker CEC, AAC

1998       Alex Darvishi CEC, AAC

1997       Bob Burns CEC, AAC

1996       Jerry MashshieCEC

1995       Donald Hauck CEC, AAC

1994       Laura Kubik Helland

1993       Thomas Landusky CEC

1992       Chuck Langstaff CEC

1991       James Taylor CEC, AAC

1990       John Souza CEC, AAC

1989       Keni Garver CEC, AAC

1988       Deane Cobbler CEC

1987       No Award Given

1986       Paul Panzera CEC, AAC

1985       Ziggy Alspach

1984       James McMahn

1983       Hartmut Handke CMC, AAC

1982       Keni Garver CEC, AAC