Chef of the Year Guidelines

Nominations for 2018 Chef of the Year, are now open through November 30th, 2018, information must be postmarked or recieved via email by Nov 30, 2018.

The Chef of the Year Award was established to pay tribute to that member whose culinary expertise and exemplary dedication have enhanced the image of the chef and this professional association, a person who commands the respect of this organization because of their character and performance. Please remember that this is not a popularity contest, but a High Honor.


  1. Nomination must be in writing and may only be made by a Professional  Member in good standing.

  2. Candidate must be an ACF member in good standing and must hold or have held the position of Executive Chef, Sous Chef, Chef Instructor or Pastry Chef.

  3. Candidate must meet four of the following in order to be considered for nomination: – Attendance at 75% of general meetings – Participation on a committee or appointed task on the national level of ACF – Participation in activities on local level as officer or committee chair – Participation in charitable, civic and educational affairs of the chapter – Involvement in promoting the culinary profession through apprenticeship training – Public relations work such as radio, television, panel discussion, writing for publications, teaching, etc. – Participation in culinary competition

  4. Members of the Chef of the Year Committee cannot be considered as nominees.

  5. A former Chef of the Year may not be nominated again for a period of five (5) years.

  6. If but one (1) candidate is nominated, a motion shall be made for acceptance by acclamation by the Board of Directors.

  7. In the event of more that one (1) candidate is nominated, the majority will determined the award winner. Voting will be by closed ballot, (1 vote per Professional Member).

  8. All nominations must be submitted to the Chef of the Year committee with a biographical resume. THE BIOGRAPHICAL RESUME MUST BE ON ONE 8½ X 11 SHEET OF PAPER. ANYTHING OVER THAT WILL BE ADJUSTED BY THE CHEF OF THE YEAR COMMITTEE.

  9. A letter of acceptance by the person being nominated is also required.

All Chefs of the Year nominees must also submit a high resolution digital photo of themselves in a white chef’s coat. Photo must meet minimum of 300 dpi in a .jpeg format, via e-mail to Chef of the Year Committee at [email protected] or submit on a CD. Please mail this to the following address: ACF Columbus Chapter Attn: Chef of the Year Committee, 175 South Third Street, Suite 200, Columbus, OH 43215